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An Unconventional Convention pages 4-7 by kintobor

Anyways... CRITIQUE! :D I think I removed my crit from the messageboard cause I realised I was in a bad mood at the time and might have ...


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Um so, yeah. Hi. This embarrassing photo is 10 year old me and my awesome Sonic door my mum painted for me. :D I was an STC nut back in the day!

These days I'm a colourist for Sonic the Comic - Online! Come and check us out! :) Still STC related but on my own; I'm also trying to run a Tumblr Ask blog in the style of STC Amy Rose. Updates have been infrequent, but yeah Ms Rose is a busy hogette, right?!

Being an (STC!) Amy Rose enthusiast, I've also decided to use a new icon from It's so cute. :3

I thought that few would remember Sonic the Comic (STC) as it was *adjusts onions on belt* apart from those of us who regularly read its online continuation… but the response to the STC convention was phenomenal for a comic more than 10 years out of print. And the event looked like it was a success! Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it, so the awesome TBird sent over this Backers’ package!

To start; my first thoughts upon receiving the packet was “crikey, this is heavy!” and I think it’s due to how sturdy the comic itself actually is! For those that have copies of the original STC, and I do not mean this as a slight at all.. they might recall it was quite a lightweight comic, especially in its later issues. I mean, it was a kids’ magazine, not a monthly glossy… but the convention comic is really well put together! It’s high density paper (no creases, Boomers!), the cover has a shiny feel to it and inside, the colours are really really intense! To pick up and read, it does feel like a monthly comic or magazine, rather than a fortnightly comic for kids. So physically it’s nice and heavy to the touch… also there’s the whole “AAAAAAAH I’m holding a copy of STC!” thing. *wipes eyes*


The cover resembles the more recent STCO design rather than the original comic (obvies since it was made by the STCO team!) but it retains many classic STC features such as the little byline picture featuring our Favourite Blue Hedgehog, and a corny issue title, this one being; “DEFYING CONVENTION!” (Heh heh.. con…convention, geddit? :B Defying, is like… attitude… like that Sonic has. Yeah! Aah it’s great already.) And the subtitle SONIC THE COMIC KEEPS COMING BACK FOR MORE! as a reference to the last time we saw a printed copy of STC being STCO #261 for the Summer of Sonic. Several members of the Freedom Fighter gang are seen reading various old STC issues… I love how Tails is reading the one with Zonerunner and The Flock as the cover, and Amy is reading Girl Trouble! :D


Now, for the content… first we have the introduction to the comic; the Control Zone, only this time we have organisers Adam TBird Tuff and Michael Corker alongside the usual welcome from Mega Droid (looking dishy as always, MD! ;)) and a programme of all the events I missed! *folds arms* :p


The comic strips themselves are new strips, not from previous issues like with the #261/Summer of Sonic edition both having the celebratory strip by Nigel Kitching (go read it now!). They are: Sonic - An Unconventional Convention by LT Fletcher and Sonic’s World - Stories by Charles Ellis. The art is by Adamis and Seumidh MacDonald for the former, and India Swift for the latter. Adamis is a STCO veteran; having provided artwork for the past 10 years or so, his style is instantly recognisable and is always done with great skill, and India, being newer to STCO brings a wonderful, expressive style to the comic which fits just perfectly with the character of the story. The colours for both strips are provided by STCO’s colouring powerhouse team: Pete Murphy and Matt Dittmer, the split between the two being done in a way that is really fitting to each comic’s scripts and inks. Plot-wise I won’t go into too much detail but the strips are great stuff; entertaining, funny in parts, full of action and some lovely additions to the STC/STCO continuity. The first is an adventure set in a Sonic convention, attended by the Big Blue himself… and Robotnik doesn’t like it. Not one bit. So of course he has to try and wreck it! And the second is a tale about Amy and how she keeps the morale of the people up through telling, well, Stories! :)


There’s more content besides the strips; the comic also has several “pinups” by some awesome guest artists (you’ll be able to see for yourself soon!), as well as the return of STC classics such as Speedlines, the Graphic Zone… and a sneak preview of what’s in store for STCO in 2015 in the Flash Forward Zone.


Overall, considering just how quickly this all came together, this is a really well put together comic the STCO team obviously put a lot of work into, and should be proud of. :) Good job, guys!


Raves: Everything!

Graves: I wasn’t there to squeal at the team in person! :P

(Mambo Sez: I should mention I had a eensy weensy small hand in this, being a Backer and helping out with one of the panels in this issue… but yeah, I was writing this from the perspective of the reader, not the maker of this comic.)

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